Vampyr Update to Bring Easier and Harder Mode.

If you haven’t managed to get your teeth stuck into Vampyr yet (Ha! Get it?!) then you may want to hold off for a little bit as DONTNOD are going to be releasing an update that fixes many different issues with the game that have been reported since launch as well as introducing an easier and harder mode.

The easier mode concentrates more on the story aspect of the game and less on the combat, as I have to admit that when I’ve played the game, this for me is one of the let downs for the game, so this gives those the chance to play through it and not really have to concentrate on the combat.

However, those who love a bit of a challenge then the new harder mode being introduced not only ramps the difficulty up, but also makes decisions that little bit harder. Why you might ask? Well, the XP earned from fighting is going to be reduced in this mode, which means that the main way to earn your XP will be from embracing people. So you are going to have to pick your victims wisely…

The update is due ‘Late Summer’ so keep an eye out for that. Will you be starting the game again to try out the new difficulties that are being introduced? Let us know in the comments below.


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