Strange Brigade – Review

Egypt, the 1930’s. Erased from ancient history and buried in a nameless tomb for 4,000 years, Seteki the Witch Queen has risen once again. Only one troop of daring heroes can stand against the fearsome power of Seteki and her army of mummified monstrosities: The Strange Brigade!

Explore remarkable ruins, solve perilous puzzles and uncover tantalising treasure while blasting your way through an array of undead enemies in thrilling third-person action that’s certain to bring out your inner adventurer!

This is one game that since it was announced I have been looking forward to playing. It looked different to what was out there, the setting and surrounding/story was something different, an era not really touched upon or indeed a story such as this untouched.

As it says in the synopsis, you’re tasked with going through Egypt to find out who has released a 4000 year old Witch Queen. The story is very good I really enjoyed it, it kind of reminded me of the mummy series (films) where you’re basically taking on wave after wave of the undead and other various cadavers that are roaming around. There’s even a huge scorpion and minions about (Smaller scorpions, not the cute little yellow dudes).

I have really enjoyed my time with the game, like I said above, the setting and story was really good and enjoyed it, the game looks OK, it’s not the best looking game I will admit, but it’s not bad either, colours are quite bright and vibrant and the levels are open enough to not make this a linear experience. The game actively encourages you to go off the beat and track to try and find more items or chests, which can contain some good loot. There are chests dotted around which you pay coin for which will give you a more powerful weapon for a limited time. This is mainly just the one magazine that you’re given and I have to admit that I absolutely loved the blunderbuss. Excellent weapon!

While you’re going around each of the levels that you’re in, there are relics and puzzles for you to find and solve. These will either unlock areas to chests where you can get some coinage or something nice and rare.

One other thing that I really liked about the game was the voice over guy. As well as helping out with hints I really liked his general involvement in the game, it was well placed in and done right.

There’s plenty of weapons within the game for you to try out from automatic weapons and SMGs to Shotguns and Single Shot Rifles. Each have their own benefits, which again is one of the reasons why it is best to play as a team with other people. Shotgun for getting upclose and personal, automatics for mowing the undead down and then someone to hold back with single shots to pick off the remains that others don’t spot.

My personal favourite was the SMG, I started off with the shotgun, but playing on my own I was getting caught out a fair bit with it only having 2 shots a time, so I decided to switch and found when playing solo I preferred to use the SMG. Mainly because I could mow down enemies in front me. I did find that as I progressed the enemies were getting harder as newer ones would crop up either throwing stuff at you or they would be fully armoured.

Sometimes I got a little confused with where to go and what to do. You can bring up with the select button to show the objective but sometimes this can be quite vague and just say something like ‘Get into such and such a place’. Markers we’re a bit of a no show at times which found it hard to figure out where I wanted to go, however, this did help with exploring the map a lot more and finding more secret/chests dotted around. This did however, lead to me getting turned around a bit and not knowing where I had been and were I hadn’t as some sections looked the same, so I couldn’t tell if I had been there.

Strange Brigade is far more enjoyable with other people, solo it can get a little, well, lonely, and it can border on being a little repetitive. This is basically down to the fact that the game seems to be one big hoarde mode, and as you’re going through each of the sections of the level more and more undead will spawn and challenge you. Once you have cleared the lot of enemies that you’re on the area will stay quiet until you hit the next area or trigger the next part, which can be done by finding a key or solving a puzzle. This in turn leads you onto the next part of the mission/act.

Don’t take anything away from the game, even in solo it’s still fun, it still has the charm and energy it was designed to produce, it’s just with a group there is a lot more fun and craziness to be had.

Overall, Strange Brigade is a very enjoyable experience, it’s charm and the energy that it produces is brilliant, however the game really shines through when playing with others, and I think this is the best way to get maximum enjoyment from the game. But don’t take anything away from playing Solo, that is still an enjoyable experience too.

Recommended. 🙂


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