Horizon Turbo Chase – Review

One genre that I do enjoy playing is racers, whether it’s a sim or arcade I always love my time with them, mainly because it’s a change from the shooters or RPGs that I’m normally playing.

So when Horizon Chase Turbo came along, I was looking forward to giving it a go and having a look at what it was about, gave me an instant nostalgia feel, especially as it reminded me of Outrun. If I’m honest, when I started playing the game, that’s exactly the feeling that I got from it. The game felt right playing it on the Switch, being able to change from the big screen and go handheld when my wife wanted to watch TV or play on her PS4 was seamless, the game seemed right at home in handheld mode.

One thing that I liked about the game was its minimalist design, the colours used within the game as well made it stand out, it also made the game look ‘fresh’ and clean cut, even in handheld when I’ve noticed with other games having drops in quality, this one doesn’t, or is so minimal that it’s not noticeable.

Gameplay as well is very simple, just take the car around the tracks from a behind the car view, just like outrun. I liked how reactive the game was when using either the joy cons or the pro controller. You didn’t have to put much effort into the turns when you got to some of the busier sequences, which is always appreciated as it helps with not having to rip my thumbs sticks apart of every turn and have them break.

There is a very good selection of modes available in the game with a World Tour mode doing just that, taking you on a tour around different cities in the world to compete in races. There are also multiplayer modes for you to indulge in as well as a form of time trials in which you can challenge friend’s time to try and beat them.

I didn’t manage to play Multiplayer with anyone on this so can’t comment on how this plays with others, but I can imagine it would be a lot of fun to play with others, and unfortunately, no one else on my friends list had the game so I had no scores to beat, only to set.

Difficulty-wise, I have to admit, I wasn’t very good at the game, didn’t win many races, but the simplest of mistakes could cost you places, as I found out a lot! As mentioned above, the game is easy to handle, but unless you learn tracks and know what’s coming and how to avoid the cars ahead in a tricky situation, you’re not going to be winning much. Again, as I learnt the hard way!

One thing that did bug me about the game though is the speed boosts at the start, kind of like from Mario Kart, sometimes it’s gets that crowded in front of you that you just go into the back of someone and lose the speed all together and everyone you just went past is back ahead of you and more often than not you will find yourself at the back of the pack, so it seems a bit pointless in that situation.

Horizon Chase Turbo is a nice little indie arcade racer and if you like your racers and were a fan of Outrun, this is definitely a game for you to try and the amount of content you get for the price it’s available for, it’s worth a purchase.



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