EGX 2018: Hands on with Spyro Reignited Trilogy

I would first like to say that this was the first time that I’ve played a Spyro game. I never played the originals, so this is all new to me…

My wife has played the Spyro games and I watched her at the first EGX we attended a few years back playing the originals, and from there to now, I have to say that the game looks absolutely stunning. The way the game has been beautifully updated for Xbox One and PS4 is a joy to behold. The colours, the crispness of the game, it looks stunning, and I am looking forward to playing the game when it comes out in November.

The controls were OK, there was nothing in the demo to help and let me know which buttons were which, so people queuing behind me watching my screen would have had a field day watching me randomly shoot fire, jump and burst into a charge when I really wanted to do something else… Again, this was just a demo of the game, and not playing the originals, I wasn’t sure if this was final, or whether in the final version there would be some kind of tutorial, or whether it is going to be an on your own type of experience. My wife did mention that there are cutscenes missing, especially from the level from the first game which explains a few things about what’s going on, but I am presuming again this will be in the final version.

How did the game feel to play? It felt nostalgic. If that’s the right phrase to use, the whole feeling when playing that this is a game from years gone by is still there and I’m pretty sure that’s what Toys for Bob are trying to go for, just like with the Crash Bandicoot remaster. I have to admit that I cannot get to grips with how this game could have been played using the D-Pad only. Some of the turns and finer details that Spyro does when moving, I just think that a D-Pad for this type of game would have been quite restrictive, especially when charging. However, the game did feel very good when playing with a DS4 controller.

Camera work again had a very nostalgic feel to it, it is the same as the original, and you can tell this through how the camera moves. The kind of tracking that we get on games these days to make sure that the camera is always pretty much at the best angle isn’t present in Spyro, and wouldn’t have been in the originals either. The use of the left thumbstick is very much prominent here, which begs the question, with only a D-Pad how was this done originally?

When playing the demo of Spyro, I did find it hard to understand what I had to do. Like I mentioned above about the cutscenes missing from the game, this made it hard to understand what I had to do. So I ended up running around the level trying to find things to collect and do. Once I exhausted all those, I was able to switch levels and try one from one of the other games, so I ventured onto a level from the second Spyro game.

In this, I was basically asked to clear the doorways so that they could be unlocked and the world cleared of beasts. However, when talking to the character, the cutscene just stopped and I pressed ‘X’ to continue as instructed. However, I felt like it was unfinished, but I went back and saw no way to talk to them again. So I ran around the level collecting what I could before going back and there was an option to speak to them again, which this time they gave me more information and told me what I had to do.

I was then able to progress a bit further, learned some skills and was told about charging enemies with shields… after I had a left a trail of them behind me… In terms of the cutscenes, I hope this is something that’s cleared up in the final game as it would be a bit off putting to only get half a story and instructions about what I’ve got to do.

I did enjoy my time with the game and I’m looking forward to it releasing in November.



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