12 Remastered Maps I Would Love To See In Black Ops 4

The introduction of remastered maps in Black Ops 4 had me thinking. Which maps would I like to see remastered and introduced into Black Ops 4? Well, I’ve put together a list of 12 maps from Black Ops 1&2 which I would absolutely love to see remastered.

A snow-covered map which is good for snipers and long-range firefights. I loved this map for how quickly the game could change when you’re outdoors, you have to watch out for snipers and long-range battles, but with the middle building, this can soon change to close quarter combat (CQC).

Similar style to the above with it being a cold snow covered map, the narrow alleyways between the factories at the abandoned Soviet base provide excellent CQC action. There are some sniper points that also give users a good alternative from the CQC/medium action.

This map was part of the Escalation DLC for black ops and is based in a Russian village. The main action usually occurs in the middle building with two steel doors protecting the building. When the doors are opened a siren does go off, which will let anyone in there know that you’re coming for them.

A bit different from the above, basically not a snowy map but one based in Havana in Cuba. I used to love running through this map and hearing the music playing as you went through one of the buildings. The tight back alleys made it brilliant for CQC while the long open street also played well with snipers.

There were also 2 houses opposite each other which used to attract a lot of attention. Excellent map and one I would be very excited to play again.

Based in a Vietnamese Prison Camp, one of the main differences from other maps was that this one was played out at night and the map was quite dark. The setting was quite different to anything else in Black Ops 1 and I loved how the map played out.

Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall was part of the First Strike DLC and had you fighting on both sides of the Berlin Wall. A good urban map with plenty of options for all players with long sight lines for snipers and narrow buildings and alleyways to sneak around.

As the name suggests, Villa is a large housing map overlooking a courtyard. The design was excellent and always loved it when it came up, plus the way it played always seemed to flow really well.

Radiation was again one of my personal favourites (I have to admit, there weren’t many maps from Black Ops 1 I didn’t like), it’s long range from the corner house across the map had good coverage for snipers, and the underground played out well for medium to CQC. Plus there was utter madness when the middle part opened. Queue the throwing of many grenades!

Based on a hidden missile plant in Cuba, Crisis always provided good indoor and outdoor battles. You had the buildings in the middle which provided good close battles that then lead to the top of the hill where it would link down to the beach and more medium range firefights can take place.

Raid provided brilliant close range battles through a house in Hollywood. Linking rooms as well as close outdoors provided some excellent firefights. That tied in with the sniper lines between the house and back courtyard also gave some snipers excellent coverage.

As the name suggests, based in Yemen, this dusty town map was brilliantly designed, I loved how the outer edges flowed when you were running about and the middle created utter chaos having to look out for close range enemies while also being observant of high up snipers at the top of buildings.

Perhaps my favourite of the Black Ops 2 maps. Set in a shopping mall that provided high cover, long stretches and the buildings in the middle did provide some close quarters. I always found in this map that most people would stick to the top of the 2 buildings and wait it out for the others.

You couldn’t see the full of each building from the top, just a little opening on one side, which was down the main shopping strip. The other side then provided cover over their respected areas.

These are the 12 maps I would love to see added to Black Ops 4. As mentioned in my review, the game provides an excellent level of nostalgia and bring together all entries from Treyarch in one beautiful package. It would be excellent to see more of that history brought to life in extra maps.
I doubt they will release all these maps, or this many old maps, we would probably be lucky to get a remaster per DLC package, but a full DLC remaster package would be amazing. If we were to get a plethora of remastered maps, it would make me the happiest of bunnies, considering that Black Ops 1&2 are my favourite in the Call of Duty franchise.


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